Telecom Companies Application

Extending your network to reach new subscribers, fulfil universal service and connect to remote industries represents revenue potential. However, when opportunities exist beyond the reach of developed infrastructure, there are risks involved.

Most mobile base stations are connected to traditional backhaul transmission media, like fiber or microwave. However, in mountainous regions, low-density villages, or for roadside coverage, the economics of investing in a fiber or microwave infrastructure is often infeasible. The builds are too costly, complex, time-consuming, and, above all, very difficult to maintain and operate. For this, a solution is required for which costs are not tied to distance, with satellite capacity that can be dedicated or shared dynamically as demand requires.

Business needs:

– Backbones and backhauling
– Surveillance system
– Telepresence calls
– Conference meetings
– Data transmission and backups
– Point of Sales
– ATMs
– E15

Comprehensive Solutions:

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